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Sitting on Rock


This 6-month, strengths-based life coaching programme is for women who want to change and grow in their professional life.

Working together, we empower you and build the clarity, confidence and courage you need to make this change a reality.

This 6-month, 1-to-1 coaching programme will teach you to:


  • Know who you are truly are, how awesome you are and how to live as the most authentic, self-compassionate, worthy and courageous version of yourself for the rest of your life

  • Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and know deep down that you are doing your very best

And some practical skills too - you will learn how to:

  • Own and apply the strengths, skills, knowledge and other unique superpowers you have 

  • Practice the habits that keep you strong and well 

  • Use our 3-step strategy to keep moving you forward in small steps towards the change you want 

  • Apply a suite of tools and practices that you will use over and over again as you navigate different stages, changes and challenges throughout your life

Kia ora, dia dhaoibh, hello!


I'm your coach, Fiona.

As an Irish woman living in New Zealand, I understand what it's like to navigate personal and professional change to create life you desire.  I understand the emotional barriers and the challenges you have to face to take the courageous actions needed to make the life you desire, a reality.

Changes I have navigated include:

  • Emigrating from one side of the world to the other

  • Taking on the roles of wife and mother

  • Leaving permanent employment for a 'portfolio career' and starting my own business

From over 15 years of people development experience and 20+ of customer service experience, I have learned how to connect with people, listen to their stories and ask the right questions to help them create the outcomes they desire.

I am an accredited coach and my goal is to inspire, educate and empower  women to take action to create the lives they desire.

Fi Deehan

"Knowing is not the same as doing.  Doing something different to get a different outcome takes courage in the presence of fear, not in it's absence"



Are you this woman? ​

I was, which is why I understand her

  • You know you want change in your professional life, but you lack clarity about the change you want and you have no idea where to start

  • You have lots of reasons and excuses, usually related to other people, for doing nothing

  • You accept the situation and do nothing (better to do nothing than do the wrong thing)

  • You feel a range of negative emotions towards self and others (a sample might  be anger, resentment, frustration, annoyance)

  • You live for the weekend and dread going to work 

  • You repeat this cycle over and over again and this constant hum of discontent in your work becomes normal

  • You are stuck and no-one can do anything about it but you

Do you want help to change?


  • You have the confidence and courage to navigate uncertainty and ask for support when you need it

  • You are empowered and have the confidence and courage to take action and move toward the life your desire

  • You are curious about your thoughts and you have the courage to challenge the reasons and excuses you give for not taking action

  • You feel all the emotions and are curious about what they might be telling you, rather than ignoring them

  • You are acting in alignment with your values 

  • You are more connected to and engaged in your work because you are able to identify the parts of your job that draw on your strengths

Email now to sign up


  • 6 x monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions (all via Zoom)

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment 

  • Self-reflective + action-oriented homework (approximately 1 hour per week)

  • Biweekly, written accountability check-ins

Currently enrolling for June and July 2021:

  • June enrolments closing on Friday, 11th June
    First coaching session week 21st June

  • July enrolments closing on Friday, 16th July
    First coaching session week 26th July

$2,400 + GST

“Let’s work together to give you the tools, practices and strategy you need to be empowered and build the courage, confidence and clarity you need to thrive, realise your potential and create the life desire. 
The world is waiting for you.”

Fi Deehan


Fiona helped me reconnect with my core values and bring clarity to my goals. We then worked together to create simple yet effective action steps that enabled me to move forward in complete confidence in my own abilities. Fiona created a safe and trusting space for us to work in, which is really important to me. I’m based in Singapore, and Fiona, in New Zealand so our sessions are over Zoom. Time zone is never an issue and to be honest having our sessions online works in with my busy schedule really well.

Chloe Cameron

Fiona has been of immense help in my journey to “find my purpose”. She is personable, cool and calm but also knows when to push hard.
A Coach is someone who can show you the path but you have to walk it. 
If you decided to start a journey with Fiona she will do everything in her power to make sure you are running that path and can see and feel the finish line.


I have found my time with Fiona to be very beneficial and it has been structured, outcomes focused but in a relaxed and person-centred manner.
The thought provoking questions and shared ideas have helped me identify a clear sense of direction and providing me with some confidence and support.
I have found both face-to-face and online sessions just as effective and efficient. i felt supported and every session left me with practicable ‘take-aways’ which I am able to apply to my work.


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