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What is the change you want to see in how you lead and your impact?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Would you like to see a change like this?

The results have been like flicking a switch on our team culture and interactions in such a positive way. Other leaders have asked me what I did with particular staff members, like "I just talked to Jenny (not her real name), wow what a change, she's so happy".
JP - public service leader

Any of this sound familiar? Are you a workplace leader or business owner….

...who sees that you are not realising your potential as a leader, nor are your team realising their potential?

...who wants to step from being a good manager to a more influential and impactful leader?

...who wants a different outcome and realises that continuing to repeat the same thing is not going to produce that different and better outcome?

...who has tried training courses before, but has been unable to put the learnings into practice because they just didn’t feel like you?

...who is drained from a constant focus on what’s not working?

You’re not alone.

In the majority of our professional lives, our energy is drained by a constant focus on problems and what’s not working fueled by our hardwired negativity bias, a constant suspicion about the motivation and intent of others fueled by an old evolutionary need to self-protect and a resistance to showing our authentic selves because we need to be perceived by others in a way that we think is acceptable. We are motivated by fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of what others might think and fear of not meeting inherited, unchecked expectations. Imagine if there was another way...a way that energised us, rather than drained us constantly? Well, there is!

Where attention goes, energy flows, transformation shows.

Our workshop, The Conscious Leader, shifts attention to what we have identified as 4 key aspects and a 1 core aspect of conscious leadership and how this shift will energise you, the people you lead and the organisation you operate in. This way, we can be motivated by positivity and possibility, being true to ourselves and encouraging others to do the same and embracing courage, empathy and kindness to have conversations and take action that really matters, the truly ‘hard things’ and getting things right, rather than being right. All of these aspects are pivotal in developing a conscious leadership style that creates greater connection with positive impact on those we lead in our workplaces, homes and communities.

I’m talking about an inside-out approach to leadership transformation and long term change rather than learning another strategy that will fade away over time.

Is this something you need? Is this something your organisation, your business needs?

What would be the impact of a transformation like this on you, the people you lead, your business, your organisation?

Here's what some previous participants have said about what they have learned and the impact:

After years of being the leader I’m in a role of high leadership influence rather than control. Really testing authenticity and pushing the boundaries has been a good learning for me. Showing the courage to live more, take risk and accept conflict in a non-emotional way. Andrew - public service leader

Download the flyer for more information here:

The Conscious Leader Overview
Download PDF • 14.05MB
Anyone in a position where you can influence, whether in a professional setting or not, will benefit from the lessons learned during this workshop. It stands out because of the emphasis on self-reflection, and I came out of it so excited to put my learnings into action! By committing to being mindful around intentionality, vulnerability and trust I have seen an immediate positive change in the impact I can have on others and on outcomes.
Clodagh, global tech company

Book directly here or email for more information or enquiries about inhouse delivery in your organisation.

Read more about the PACE model this workshop is built on here.



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