A leadership community grounded in sharing knowledge, experiences and stories

The Christchurch Leadership Group is a group of individuals who are interested in growing as leaders. Whether you're a seasoned leader running several teams, just starting out and want to develop more skills, or you're interested in knowing what it takes to really lead a team then this group is for you. Come along and share your experiences, bring the challenges you're facing and take this unique opportunity to develop your career as a leader.

By joining you can expect to have fun, to be engaged and participate in your own learning, to dive into some fascinating questions about leadership, to be provoked to challenge assumptions or ideas and to come away with some valuable insights that you can apply to your unique personality and context. Learn about yourself, learn about the other people in the room and learn about interesting leadership concepts and principles.

Brought to you by Fiona from Deehan Leadership Collaborative, Robin from Progress People and Daniel from Christchurch City Council

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