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A Conscious Womxn is

...committed to personal leadership and responsibility (choices made and the impact on their wellbeing and performance)

...committed to seeing and owning their potential and power (and seeing it in others)

...committed to lifting the people around them and having a positive impact

Wake well, be empowered and lift others

to realise your professional potential and achieve transformation

Fiona Deehan

Happy Hiking


Wake well, be empowered and lift others

to realise your professional potential and achieve transformation

Join the project, you are ready now

Options to join the project:

1. Conscious Womxn Programme - full information below

2. CliftonStrengths® Assessment & Coaching - contact us for more information

In 2021, our mission is to help as many womxn as possible realise their professional potential and achieve transformation.

*WARNING: while the primary focus is on a womxn's work we cannot guarantee that personal transformation will not happen 

*transformation = significant change; the transformation and it's beauty are in the eye of the beholder (the womxn who experiences it), however here are few possible transformation outcomes

Internal transformation: increased confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, sense of meaning and purpose, resilience, wellbeing, energy; increased energy

External transformation: career change, promotion; increased remuneration, leadership capability and capacity; improved professional relationships, performance, effectiveness in delivery of business outcomes


Be well, be empowered and lift others
See and own your superpowers

This is a group programme for womxn who want take their next step in their professional and leadership development and until now, have not known where to start.

It has been developed specifically for womxn who....

  • struggle to find the time for professional development

  • want more from their work and career - more purpose, more money, more opportunities, more confidence, more progression

  • are uncertain or unclear on their specific skills and strengths

  • are unsure where to start with making change and finding the information they need to move forward, therefore don't

Is this you? Or is this someone whose development you are responsible for?

If so, we can help.

*womxn = an alternative spelling to woman/women to be inclusive of transgender and nonbinary women


  • Programme delivered over 12 weeks (next start date TBC)

  • Maximum 15 participants 

  • 6 x 2-hour group online sessions

  • CliftonStrengths® Top 5 assessment

  • 1.5-hour individual CliftonStrengths® coaching session

  • Biweekly accountability check-ins

  • Private online community

  • Programme workbook for reflection & homework

  • Access to all recorded group sessions

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