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Because nothing changes if nothing changes


This is for you if:

  • You're a business owner seeking to improve your business by investing in it's most important resource...yourself

  • You or a member of your team needs to develop a strengths-based, authentic and self-aware approach to work and leadership 

  • You're a professional seeking to move to the next level or make a career change

  • If you've been saying "I know, I know" and/or "I should" for years, but have not done to anything to make the change happen

A 6-month, 1-to-1 coaching programme that will:

  • Help you create a vision for the future you want in your life and your work

  • Give you the framework, tools and practices that you will use over and over again during and beyond the programme to step-by-step shift yourself towards realising your full potential

  • Help you name, claim and aim your Unique Unfair Advantage, the combination of tools you have to draw on from within yourself that NOBODY else has

  • Help you reinforce current practices and learn new ones that help you perform at the highest level you can 

  • Help you identify the support network you can draw on throughout this experience

  • Create accountability and personal responsibility for your the outcomes in your life

"Knowing is not the same as doing.  Doing something different to get a different outcome takes courage in the presence of fear, not in it's absence"

Fi Deehan


How does this impact on your life, your work, your business and your relationships?
You could replace Stuck to Strength with Fear to Freedom or Surviving to Thriving - the name doesn't matter, it's the action you take to get the outcomes you want.


  • 6 months - monthly enrolments (maximum number of spots at any time)

  • 6 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions over 6 months (online or in-person if in Christchurch, NZ)

  • First 2 sessions 1.5 hours to allow for getting to know each other and any extra support needed

  • CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment and associated coaching

  • Clear expectations around roles and doing the work to get the results

  • Self-reflective + action-oriented homework including videos + tailored resources

  • Biweekly accountability check-ins

$2,400 + GST


“Let’s work together to give you the tools, practices and strategy you need so you can find the courage to thrive, realise your potential and creating the life and work you want. 
The world is waiting for you.”

Fi Deehan


Fiona helped me reconnect with my core values and bring clarity to my goals. We then worked together to create simple yet effective action steps that enabled me to move forward in complete confidence in my own abilities. Fiona created a safe and trusting space for us to work in, which is really important to me. I’m based in Singapore, and Fiona, in New Zealand so our sessions are over Zoom. Time zone is never an issue and to be honest having our sessions online works in with my busy schedule really well.

Chloe Cameron

Fiona has been of immense help in my journey to “find my purpose”. She is personable, cool and calm but also knows when to push hard.
A Coach is someone who can show you the path but you have to walk it. 
If you decided to start a journey with Fiona she will do everything in her power to make sure you are running that path and can see and feel the finish line.


I have found my time with Fiona to be very beneficial and it has been structured, outcomes focused but in a relaxed and person-centred manner.
The thought provoking questions and shared ideas have helped me identify a clear sense of direction and providing me with some confidence and support.
I have found both face-to-face and online sessions just as effective and efficient. i felt supported and every session left me with practicable ‘take-aways’ which I am able to apply to my work.


You can connect with us over on our Instagram page for more personal engagement

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