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Find out more about our proprietary  models, how we use them and how you might apply them yourself.

Conscious leaders enable conscious humans in workplaces to thrive and bring their best to their work.

Conscious leaders know who they are (their values), what they are good at (their strengths), have the courage to do the right thing and a desire to have a positive impact on the people they lead.

Conscious leadership is sustainable, wellbeing-enhancing and delivers better business and people outcomes.

"Leadership is not just about titles or corner offices - we all have opportunities to lead everyday as we lead ourselves, our colleagues, at home and in our communities."

"To be conscious is to be awake, aware, intentional, taking 100% responsibility for our thoughts, feeling and actions and the impact on ourselves and others.  It is choosing how to respond, rather than unconsciously reacting."


Personal Wellbeing & Performance

Increase your self-awareness of your approach to personal leadership by exploring your external ways of 'doing' and internal ways of 'being' that influence your wellbeing and performance. 

The model draws on a range of evidence and research-based frameworks such as (Māori)Te Whare Tapa Whā and PERMA from positive psychology.

The model can used by an individual as a self-reflective tool for an individual or can be presented to a team or group and used to explore the impacts of the individual's personal leadership on the collective's wellbeing and performance, such as in a workplace or sports team.

Awareness is the first step to change and when you're ready to change, we can help.

Click here to download the worksheet to guide you through the model.


I recently went to a workshop for post natal women where Fiona was speaking with the focus on mindset and wellbeing, something I feel is never really addressed for new mothers. Fiona's delivery and content was engaging and well thought about. It was more a round-the-table discussion rather than a lecture. I came away from this workshop with a new look at how to approach, analyse and manage difficult mental situations that may arise. Even though her talk was aimed at new/recent mothers, the skillset spoken about could be applied to any situation. A quote I took away with me and use daily is, "Be Kind to Yourself".

Edel, workshop participant

When Fiona presented this model to the Occupational Health Nurses it immediately resonated with me. Many of the people I work with may require support in understanding their health issues and many have quite low levels of health literacy. My role is to develop an increase in understanding and empower them to make positive lifestyle changes. The model provides a framework for supporting them through this process, allowing them to understand, reflect, and therefore take ownership of their health. Having the prompts, questions and diagram helps them to contextualise what we are talking about. It is holistic and focuses on areas of health and wellbeing that we tend to overlook.

Jackie Corby, RN, PG dip PH


Conscious & Self-aware Leadership

Increase your self-awareness of your approach to people leadership and explore how conscious, intentional ways of 'being' and 'doing' can improve the way we lead others by looking inward.

Explore relational vulnerability and how aspects of this are pivotal in developing a conscious leadership style that creates greater connection and positive influence with those we lead in our workplaces, homes and communities.

The model draws on a range of social science, wellbeing and positive psychology evidence and research and is presented as the foundation of The Conscious Leader programme.  It was developed in collaboration with Progress People.

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Online and in-person options available.

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Conscious People Leadership v0.1 - image

This workshop absolutely nailed what it is to be a forward-thinking leader and how to bring your authentic self to the forefront. Fiona created an environment for deep conversation that, for me, really broke through my default persona. I was apprehensive at first as I do not manage a team, but this is not a course about managing people. Anyone in a position where you can influence, whether in a professional setting or not, will benefit from the lessons learned during this workshop. It stands out because of the emphasis on self-reflection, and I came out of it so excited to put my learnings into action! By committing to being mindful around intentionality, vulnerability and trust I have seen an immediate positive change in the impact I can have on others and on outcomes. Thank you  for giving me the courage to lead authentically!

Clodagh Downey, global tech company
(The Conscious Leader participant)

This course was both innovative and thought provoking. Drawing from a range of content, the clear pathways to learning support outcomes, to improve leadership focus and delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive approach and commend Fiona in how she challenged and motivated the group to explore opportunities to share and grow. Workbooks allow for further reflection and understanding beyond the coursework. With a clear focus on the potential for positive change and self-awareness, I left this course feeling more aware of my potential to be a better leader.

Daniel Ross, Training and Development Manager, Christchurch City Council
(The Conscious Leader participant)

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