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Let's talk leadership and wellbeing

There are two parts to my Cara Consulting mission. I want to help people realise their potential and grow their capability and I want to improve health and wellbeing in Aotearoa and beyond.

Lucky for me these two things are inextricably linked (and the research agrees, but I'm not going to get into this right now) so it might be a bit easier for me to have the impact I want on the people I work with.

Having a growth mindset (how we think and feel about ourselves as learners and our willingness to learn) is directly correlated with high levels of wellbeing in ourselves and scientifically proven to increase our capacity for resilience.

What's even better for me as I strive to increase my impact, is that mindsets are contagious! So what? Because of these connections, I focus my efforts on working with leaders in workplaces, because they are influencers and when I work with them to develop and grow their leadership skills, their growth mindset is something they pass on to the people in their organisation.

Bottom line is this......leaders who are learners and have a growth mindset create learning cultures and organisations, therefore the people in these organisations are resilient and well.

How does Cara Consulting contribute to well workplaces?

One-on-one coaching with leaders and aspiring leaders Skills-based learning & development workshops (essential skills, not 'soft')

Team planning & review sessions

If you want to develop your leadership skills (self or leading others), build capability in yourself or your people, start a conversation about wellbeing in the workplace or need help with planning the way forward, the get in touch for a chat now.


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